"Like most mum-centered businesses, Kiindred evolved from the needs of a new mum. Before having children, Emmy had a pretty clear idea of how she thought her parenting journey would go - but like so many mums, she quickly realised that nothing could prepare her for the reality once she finally held that precious baby in her arms. "I noticed a lack of easy-to-digest content that was targeted to the millennial parent - me. I didn't have time to search for the answer, and all the information was either too 'mumsy' or outdated. The parenting space hadn't caught up with the change in generation, and the way we consumed content." Kiindred.

Kiindred is a one-stop web portal slash media in Sydney, Australia. The company is headed by Emmy & Sabir, who are very enthusiast about children, pregnancy journey, motherhood & fatherhood. They provide highest quality articles. We were very honored in taking part of this project. The project went for months, but in the end it's worth the while.

Our scope of work was including UX consultations, system architecture planning, web development, and maintenance.


  • Industry

    News & Media, Apps

  • Credits

    Melody Bonita, Azulardy Putra, Fendy Susanto, and the entire Kiindred family.